Melbourne Compounding Centre is a dedicated compounding-only pharmacy. We have started compounding since 2001 in Williamstown and in 2003, we relocated our compounding service to Seddon.

Our compounding journey began after we received our training with PCCA, Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia (started by Professional Compounding Centers of America).

PCCA is a professional body which controls quality accreditation, provides pharmaceutical grade ingredients, technical support (from consultants both in Australia and the United States) and tested formulations. To ensure professional standards are maintained, our team continue to avail themselves to continuing educational programs.

The pharmaceutical ingredients used in the preparation of our compounded prescriptions are either of USP or BP standard. Some of our compounds have also been tested to ensure that our compounding techniques are up to standard and the compounded prescriptions produced are of high quality and potency.

Because we are dedicated to provide high-quality, customised compounds, we have invested in sophisticated equipments in our compounding laboratory to bring this service to our clients. All our compounded medications are made in powder containment hood. Our laboratory also contains capsule machines, computerised electronic balances, electric hotplate/stirrer, ointment mill and unguator (electronic mortar & pestle to ensure a uniform distribution of actives throughout our creams and ointments).

We have upgraded our computer software to The Compounder Rx for dispensing and compounding. This software allows us to allocate a lot number to every ingredient that come in and every compound made in our laboratory. These lot numbers are then matched to a production record which enables us to check at any time the actual ingredients and the exact amounts that have gone into making a particular compound. This system helps to minimise any mistakes made during compounding.