We serve customers all around Australia. We have access to the latest compounding techniques and precedent formulations. By working with us, your doctor can have more options in selecting the right therapy for you.

Below is a list of services we provide. We prepare NON-STERILE compounded medications in our premise.  If you require a compounded medicine, please contact Angela by one of following means:

(Phone) (03) 9689 0833

(mobile) 0410 524 972

or email the prescription to info@compounding.com.au

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • Compounded in transdermal cream, gel, capsules, pessaries and troches (sublingual lozenges)

Cosmeceuticals/Skin Care/Anti-aging cream or serum

Dental/Oral Products

  • analgesic gel
  • teething gel
  • mouthwashes

Dermatological Preparations

  • anal fissure
  • dry skin
  • pigmentation
  • psoriasis
  • vitiligo
  • warts

Discontinued Commercial Products and Medications NOT commercially available

Hair Products

Insomnia Relief

IVF Medications

  • pessaries

Paediatric Medications

  • reflux
  • selective antibiotic suspension
  • sleep issues

Pain Management

  • Chronic nerve pain where oral medications not suitable

Vaginal Thrush/Candida Glabrata

Veterinary Medications

  • A valid prescription is required to compound all vet medication.

Weight Loss Solution